Women’s Health NP

Nursing Careers

Some nurse practitioners are also referred to as advanced practice nurses. By becoming a nurse practitioner, a person has the option to specialize in any one specific domain of nursing. One of the most popular specialty areas in nursing is women’s health.

Training for Women’s Health NP Nurse Practitioners

Women’s health nurse practitioners or Women’s Health NPs are required to undertake advance training in this area before getting qualified to practice nursing. Some of the common aspects of women’s health attended by these nurses include gynecology, family planning, and obstetrics. They may also be required to treat cancers and osteoporosis specific to women alone. An example would be ovarian cancer.

There are certain norms that are required to be followed to become a women’s health nurse practitioner. To begin with, aspirants are required to sign up for courses in their high school to prepare themselves for a career as a nurse practitioner in the coming years. Some of the courses that are open for these aspirants include nutrition, advanced science and math courses, psychology, parenting, communications and health.

Students are then required to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (BSN) from a recognized university. While pursuing the course, a women’s health NP aspirant is expected to gain necessary experience with regards to women’s health issues. O most occasions, students are required to complete their field work before they can get their degree. Those who want to become women’s health NP should complete their field work in a specific branch of study that pertains to women’s health. This may include obstetrics and gynecology among others.

Next, the student has to register for and also clear the National Council Licensure Examination. To register for this exam, you can seek assistance from your academic adviser or career counselor.

After getting the license, the aspirant has to enroll in a Master of Science program at a recognized university. Notably, this is an advanced graduate program that equips the students with necessary skills to pursue a career as a women’s health nurse practitioner. The course includes instructions on the policies and practices involved in advanced nursing for nurse practitioners.

By choosing women’s health as the specialty area, MSN students can take the next step forward to become a women’s health NP. The coursework for this program includes pelvic assessment of women, pathophysiology, and comprehensive assessment of women’s health.

Students need to complete at least 500 hours of supervised clinical experience in this health field.

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