People who want to pursue a career in nursing aspire to become a registered nurse. However, since a Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a degree in nursing registered nurses always want to raise their academic qualification to the BSN level. BSN diploma is one of the three other diplomas that are eligible to take licensure exam for a registered nurse. Some people make the mistake when they think that Bachelor of Science in nursing and a Diploma in nursing mean the same thing. In reality, BSN is an intensive program of four years that prepares the students for graduate level education. Moreover, a diploma holder can opt for a masters program unless he has a bachelor’s degree in nursing. This is true even for a registered nurse practicing at a hospital. However, shifting to BSN has become simplified in the past couple of years.

A large number of nurses with LPN degrees are opting for LPN to BSN programs to get an edge in their careers. Considering that these courses are more intensive and offer exposure to a wide range of disciplines such as leadership and nursing informatics, nursing theory, research, and nursing science, most LPNs opt for these courses.

The RN to BSN programs are meant to open a wide range of options for the nurses. Apart from getting into administrative roles, the nurses also get a chance to explore career opportunities in teaching. This is largely because a large number of research organizations and nursing institutions look for hiring BSN graduates who have the desired skills to impart knowledge. There is always a scope to earn good money by joining a large organization since the work is more specialized in nature.

Owing to the factors mentioned above, a large number of registered nurses are going for online BSN programs that can give them an opportunity to increase their salaries and explore different career opportunities. Several RN to BSN programs are being offered by nursing institutions across the United States. The popularity of online RN to BSN programs is of special mention as every year thousands of students opt for these programs. The convenience to learn from home and balance work with studies makes such courses especially popular.

Experts from the nursing industry expect the number of students to go up in the coming years and the industry to open new avenues for professional growth and success.

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